About us

ADADA PMC is a leading international multi disciplinary Project Management company  operating  world class management services, that are engineered for Safety, Quality and tech drive solutions to the projects. Originally established in Oman GCC and expanding internationally.

Our Services

ADADA PMC offers project management services to Construction, Energy and Infrastructured projects
throughout the entire life-cycle to any scale of project in the construction industry from the project’s initial enabling to handing over of the project evolving sustainable and cost effective drive solutions.

Associate Projects

ADADA PMC has developed more than 275 projects in as many as 5 different countries for over 47 clients, associated with more than 7000 km of new roads, and over 500 thousand sqm of private and public infrastructure,  residential and commercial projects.


ADADA PMC provides e-Services for Technical, Project Planning, Master Programs and  Schedules, Resource Estimation and Histograms,  Quantity Surveying, Bill and Invoicing, Assist supply chain, Assist Project progress MIS reports and Assist Project Claims & EOT, and establishing PMO process at organization level and at high scale projects.


Our strategy approaches Social Environmental and Economic Sustainability goals through community outreach programs, active design strategies, and operational efficiencies saving to the community.

Our Achievements